League Predictions

I'm a big fan and follower of the Premier League and the time has come once more to write out my predictions for the following year. I'm copying Slate Star Codex's style of predictions this time and and putting the a percentage of how likely the event is to occur after the statement.

Since I do support Stoke City (because I'm Irish and therefore aren't connected to any English team and picked one randomly) most of my predictions will revolve around them.

The last few years since Alex Ferguson left have been very interesting. Without the powerhouse Manchester United in control of the league there has been a large vacuum of power to fill. Teams like Leicester City have made full use of this void with a shock win of the league in 2016 and that is likely to never happen again in my lifetime. Manchester United are back this year in a big way. The team has a very solid roster and hundreds of millions being pumped into the squad. Their rise back to the top of the Premier league is only a matter of time.

This could mean problems for Stoke City. If things go back to the way they were with a few very dominate teams and everyone else fighting for scraps I could see trouble in our future. I still have a lot of confidence in Mark Hughes and the team but the ground is a little less steady than the past. Anyway, without further ado, here is the predictions.


** Stoke win silverware or qualify for a European competition - 23% - Stoke won nothing

** Manchester United win the Premier League - 89% - Wrong on this one

** Recent Stoke transfer scores on their old team - 55% - This happened (Turncoat Arnautovic)

** Mark Hughes fined by the FA - 85% - Nope, but did get fired

** Jose Mourinho sent to the stands - 99% - Happened in the 6th match against Southampton

** Celtic win the Scottish Premier League

** Shelbourne FC win the Leinster Senior Cup - 74% - Right, a 4-2 win over Dundalk sealed it

**New - Shelbourne FC win promotion - 57%


So that's the list so far. I've thrown in a few non Premier League predictions for the hell of it. I mean, Celtic is almost a sure thing very year and Shelbourne are looking good in the Leinster Senior Cup. I'll keep the list updated as the year progresses and even add a few throughout the season.



It's looking like Stoke will drop out of the Premier League. Mark Hughes has been fired and Manchester United are not preforming quite as good as I expected they would. A new Irish soccer year has begun and I think Shelbourne will do well. I even shelled out for a season ticket.